These are some of the popular types of pants for men and women. Hope this piece of information will help you in choosing a best pair for you.

For Men


Khakis Pants

Khakis are made of 100% cotton.

Khakis are prominently available in black,

navy and khaki colors and are a good option for relaxed formal clothing.


Pleated Pants

Pleated pants give a sophisticated and classical look to the wearer.

These are quite popular with all ages of man and are suitable for any kind of occasion,

be it an office meeting or hanging out with friends.


Flat Front Pants

For people interested in modern style of clothing, flat front pants make a great choice.

Flat front pants go well with slim people or those who have less heavy bottoms.

While shopping, always consider buying the perfect fit.


Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are best suited for men who are interested in outdoor activities like hiking and trekking.

Cargo pants are baggy and made up of hardwearing fabrics,

allowing the wearer to have free movements, generally required in trekking activities.

Additionally, the great number of pockets existing assists in carrying handy equipments.



Chinos are mostly crafted from a combination of cotton and synthetic fiber to offer great comfort and modern styling.

Chinos are best suited with dressier T-shirts and shirts.

Chinos can be worn at any casual occasion.


For Women



Trousers are basically an office wear and are popular with corporate women.

Trousers are made up of cotton, polyesters and wool.

They are best suited with a formal blouse and shirt.


Yoga Pants/ sweat pants

Yoga pants or sweat pants are casual wears and are generally worn during workouts.

Yoga pants are generally made up of cotton and are available in variety of color and shades.

These pants are usually skin-tight and offer great comfort when worn.



Capris are a form of cropped pants and are hugely popular among women.

They are prominently worn when the temperature rises.

Capris are made up of cotton, nylon, denim and polyester.

It is advisable to choose a capri that goes well with your curves.~



Leggings are usually skin tight and are made up of denim, cotton and lycra.

A dark pair of denim leggings is best suited with flowing

blouse and is perfect for any casual occasion.



Palazzos are generally loose in fitting and are best suited to lean women.

These are made up of wrinkle free fabric and go well

with tank tops and trendy blouses.




Jeans are available in large range of styles, colors and washes. So here is something to help you to find your best fit of jeans.


These details are extremely important in the search for jeans that fit, just think of what part of the jeans they create!

The waistband is made of a double layer of denim, it is more rigid, allowing it to hold your tummy much like a girdle. A wider waistband will help even more.

Jeans with waistlines that are cut higher in the back, and lower in the front, are figure-flattering and may help in finding jeans that fit. The most flattering jeans have 1% to 2% lycra or spandex in it. This elasticity allows them to hold everything in place without totally sacrificing comfort.

SUPER HIGH RISE Waistband is more than 1 inch above your waist.

HIGH RISE JEANS Waistband is 1 inch above your waist.

MEDIUM RISE JEANS Waistband is located precisely on the waist.

MEDIUM TO LOW RISE JEANS Waistband is located typically 2-3 inches below the belly button. The most popular rise in most denim brands, especially for women.

LOW RISE JEANS Very low, 3-5 inches below the belly button.

ULTRA LOW RISE JEANS OR BRAZILIAN LOW RISE Brazilian jeans are growing in popularity and are renowned for their daring sexy cuts, high quality and original embellishments.




Jean’s pockets may not seem important in finding jeans that fit, except as a sort of “graphic” element. Some pocket type options include:

4-pocket: No change pocket

5-pocket: This is the most widely used pocket configuration, with the fifth pocket being the small coin pocket.

Fashion Pocket: Embellished, decorated

Flap Pocket: Can be very flattering on a woman with a small rear

Front Patch Pocket: Attached to the exterior of the pants

Multi-pocket: As used in carpenter/cargo styles

Rear Patch Pocket: Attached to exterior of pants

Seamed Pocket: Pocket in inside pants, opening finished with a seam

Utility Pocket: As used in cargo and carpenter pants



Now, the back yoke allows designers to play with perceptual illusions that, if used for the right reason, can enhance your look.

Here are some of the options:

Inverted Arc: Gives the illusion of a fuller rear.

Straight (Horizontal): This yoke line will make your waist appear wider. It wouldn’t be recommended  if you wish to emphasize curves.

“V” Shape: Most widely used and most flattering back yoke cut, this as universal  solution to jeans that exists.

Sweet Heart: This yoke type can truly enhance a small derrière, as the cut is clearly outlining a curvy heart shape. It works very well with tight jeans since it allows the pants to conform to your figure

Extra Wide: This cut is used to achieve the “falling pants” look. The illusion is enhanced by the placement of the pockets way below the butt. This look is great for some guys, though not very flattering to any woman’s figure. It beats having the pants actually falling, and certainly makes a point: illusions work!

No Yoke: Of course, this option exists, and is usually combined with seamed pockets. The garment is contoured by the use of darts. This look is very conservative, and with a proper fit can work very well for women with large rear ends.



This is probably the most important styling decision in finding jeans that fit. Options in leg cuts can be summarized as follows:

Tight/Skinny: A close fit throughout the leg

Straight Leg Jeans: Traditional cut with a straight narrow leg that does not flare at the ankles

Boot Cut or Bootleg: Cut to skim the thigh with a slightly flared lower leg

Flared Leg: Jeans narrow at the knee, and an extra wide flare at the leg. Most common leg type on low rise jeans.

Slouch Jeans: they are wide in the legs.


Tapered Leg: Jeans narrow towards the ankle

Capri: A leg cut that usually ends just below the knee or at mid-calf.

Stove Pipe: As the name implies, an over-sized straight leg cut

Cropped: Jeans can be cropped any length from the mid-calf to the knee. Ankle Length-Cut just above the ankle is used for a summery look

Gaucho: Denim gaucho pants may be a passing fancy, but they sure are fun and can look great paired with the right boots.

Cuffed: A Fold at the end of the legs. Not strictly a leg cut, but a common finish, sometimes added by the designer and sometimes by the user of the jeans for a personal touch.

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